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Easy to Follow eCommerce Facebook Marketing Practice That Works

Facebook is one of the best platforms online stores and other businesses can use to grow their online presence and reputation. The network has 2.8 billion users in 2021, so finding your audience on the site or app can dramatically increase your traffic and can even help you make your first online sale.

If your business doesn’t have a presence on Facebook, you may be missing out on a fairly easy opportunity to promote your business. Fortunately, Facebook is free and easy to set up.

On the other hand, developing your marketing strategy is a bit more complicated. With a little hindsight, you will soon be able to launch a successful campaign, by leveraging on our Digital Marketing Team


How to consider a marketing strategy on Facebook?

This type of strategy represents how you plan to use Facebook to advertise your products, promote your brand, and connect with potential and existing customers.

Businesses can use Facebook to establish their brand identity and share important information with customers , allowing shoppers to learn more about the business. It is also a good medium for showcasing specific products or announcing promotions.

There are two main forms of communication management on Facebook when you are in the world of online shopping. The first is the traditional method, which involves creating and managing your store’s profile on the platform. The other is paid advertising, which is to display an advertisement to users and charge a fee when someone clicks on it.

The best Facebook marketing strategies use a combination of these methods.

Paid ads can be expensive, however. Some fledgling brands often choose to focus solely on their strong in-app and messenger presence before turning to Facebook ads.


How to succeed in your e-commerce strategy on Facebook?

Chances are most of your customers are on Facebook. To be able to speed up the process of brand awareness for your online store, you can use this application to expand your online presence and find new customers.

Facebook can be a very effective channel to promote your business, but it requires regular monitoring. As with all types of advertising, you need a well-designed strategy before you get started.

Here are some tips to help your business succeed with Facebook:


1. Determine your target audience

Every campaign starts with a clear plan. Start by defining your target audience.

The goal is not to reach all Internet users, you must know exactly which demographic group you want to reach.

Depending on their age, location and interests, consumers react differently to shared messages. This is why you need to target your audience precisely.

You can start by creating a buyer persona , which is a detailed representation of your ideal customer. Your buyer persona is the description of a single person, but it should reflect all the characteristics of the customers you are targeting.

Beyond demographic information, you also need to define what your audience is looking for and why they might be interested in your business. How do your products meet their needs or wants? What are they looking for in a brand?

How do they search for products online? How do they interact with businesses on the Internet? The answer to all of these questions will help you determine how to attract your audience.


2. Define your goals

Your objectives will allow you to draw the structure of your actions. Maybe you want to increase online sales of a particular item, drive more traffic to your website, or get more customers to sign up for your newsletter?

Your goals will also dictate the specific data to track to analyze your campaigns. For example, if your goal is to increase traffic to your website, your first goal might be to get 5,000 people to visit your site through your Facebook page.

When you achieve your goals, you need to be sure that your marketing efforts are paying off!

Goals should be measurable so you can easily assess your progress. For most e-commerces, it can be the number of site visits, the number of followers, the number of mailing subscribers or any other element that can be counted.

Your goals should be time-bound . By setting a date when you hope to achieve your goals, you can gauge whether you are on track to achieve them.

If you don’t reach a goal on the scheduled date, don’t worry!

It doesn’t necessarily mean that your marketing campaign is in the red. It just indicates that you need to reassess your schedule or adjust your goals.


3. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes

Everything you use for your Facebook strategy should have a clear and specific goal. When you create a publication, it must meet a purpose.

Some may show how your products solve a problem or add value to the user’s life. Others may offer educational information, share inspirational ideas, or make the viewer laugh.

When creating content for Facebook, think about it from the customer’s perspective rather than your own.

Ask yourself how the subscriber will benefit from your publication . If you’re unsure of the answer, you may need to revise what you post to be more user-focused.

If your audience feels like they’ve benefited from your content, they’ll feel more connected to your brand. This may not result in an immediate sale, but it can foster long-term retention.


4. Be persuasive and stand out

Most Facebook users don’t devote their full attention to scrolling through their feed. For consumers, social media is not something they absolutely have to focus on.

Rather, it’s a way to occupy their minds while they relax. They may browse Facebook intermittently while having other offline activity.

Keep this in mind when writing your Facebook posts: most of your audience members have short attention spans and only look at a post for a few seconds before moving on.

Your content should either deliver its message immediately or be compelling enough at first glance to convince viewers to keep reading or watching.

Images are generally the most effective at communicating information quickly because the brain processes visuals much faster than text. Short, catchy messages accompanying the images can also work well.

Short videos can be successful on Facebook, as long as they are interesting and engaging from the start!


5. Diversify your content

Your online presence is an opportunity to get creative. Although you should be consistent in your messages, you can speak to your audience through different mediums.

You can share photos of your products, or make informative videos presenting your catalog. Short inspirational posts, jokes, or questions that invite your followers to respond in the comments are all effective posts.

You can also invest in the Facebook Marketplace by posting commercial ads there.

Variety will help you attract a larger audience. Even within a small target demographic, you will find multiple user profiles.

Some of your customers may feel drawn to the images. Others like text messages that spark discussion in the comments.

By using a mix of styles and mediums, you can increase engagement and appeal to every type of follower.


6. Cultivate good relationships

Social media allows you to interact with others. Your Facebook page can be an opportunity to create an engaged community. This will improve your store’s image and allow your audience to have a stronger connection with your brand.

Sharing posts and information from other brands or creators increases the value of your page.

Your audience will benefit more from your Facebook profile if you treat it as a source of information for your followers.

If you re-share posts from other businesses or organizations, it’s also a great way to network with other brands or influencers in your industry.

Facebook is an easy way to connect with future collaborators , which could open the door to guest blogging or other types of partnerships that benefit your visibility.


7. Interact with your community

Just as you should interact with other brands on Facebook, you should also use the platform to interact with your followers.

If the networks are such effective marketing mediums like Instagram, YouTube or TikTok, it is because they encourage communication. Don’t underestimate the importance of engaging with your audience on Facebook or other networks!

Check your messages on Facebook regularly and try to respond as quickly as possible to each customer. Many people contact brands through these channels when they have a question about their order. A quick response therefore has a significant impact on their customer experience.

Also, be sure to respond when someone tags you in a post . It can do wonders for your online visibility. Write a personalized comment under their post, thanking them for the mention and addressing them by name.

Respond to comments on your own posts as much as possible. The more you engage with your followers, the friendlier and more approachable your business will seem.


8. Add a relevant call-to-action

Under the cover photo, you can program a button with a “call to action” that can encourage your visitors to visit your site, subscribe to your newsletter, download content, etc.

In the case of e-commerce, it will be necessary to privilege the category “Buy or make a donation” in order to encourage your subscribers to buy your products or even see your offers.


9. Open your page to customer reviews

In order to allow your business to shine and to encourage new customers to trust you , activate customer reviews on your Facebook page.

To set up the service, go to your Settings > Edit Page > Reviews. A good way to gain the trust of your potential buyers and to ensure always perfect service!



Facebook advertisement is an effective means of reaching your potential customers. However, marketing a brand requires proper planning irrespective of the industry you are in. Your ads play a vital role in your success but researching your Audience, Analyzing your Top Competitors, Target Market etc will go a long way in having a good ROI.


Working Toward Marketing Your Brand?

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With nine years of experience as a digital marketer, he has expanded his skills into various sectors of the industry, including SEO and Social Media Marketing.

He has worked with many businesses, helping them expand their customer base through effective digital marketing practices.

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